Harmoni plays D'Addario NYXL strings (Long scale, super light, 45-125) and uses Planet Waves guitar straps and cables.

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Harmoni plays Fender bass guitars:

5-String American Professional Jazz Bass , 5-String American Professional P Bass

4-String Fender American Standard Jazz Bass , 4-String Fender Precision Bass (1972), 4-String Fender American Original 60's P Bass

Harmoni plays an Ampeg SVT VR Vintage Reissue head through an Ampeg 8X10 cabinet and a SVT VR head through an Ampeg 4X10 cabinet as well as an ISO box with a PF20T into a PF115HE. She also uses the Ampeg SCRDI and a Liquifier pedal.

For pickups in her Fender P bass, Harmoni endorses the Seymour-Duncan Quarter Pounders for that perfect balance of meaty, deep lows with a solid punch to cut through any mix. She also uses the SD Forza and 805 overdrive pedals.

For in-ear monitors, Harmoni likes the JH Audio Siren Series Roxanne customs. "Roxanne lures you in with the widest frequency range you’ll ever hear and then seduces you with the first variable bass control IEM cable; adjustable, so you can shape the sweet spot of your low end to irresistible levels".

To keep her basses protected, Harmoni uses the Mono Vertigo Bass Guitar Case.

With the JH Audio Roxanne in-ears, Harmoni uses the REV 33 to reduce ear fatigue during shows.

Check out the REV33 HERE!

On stage, Harmoni wears custom guitar straps made by Jodi Head of NYC and Peter Hoffman of CA.